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Examples of our proven females:

10 Star Lady

Turtlerock 10 Star Lady

"In the fall of 2006, Turtlerock 10 Star Lady was one of the first females indentified with a full set of DNA marker alleles that were being analyized at the time. She was our first Tailwind Genetics female sold. Her progeny will give her new owner, Jacko Valley Angus in Montana an advantage in the DNA she will pass on. Her first embryos are on the ground and show promise of the BIG 3- calving ease, style, and performance. They will be tested next spring for their specific DNA analysis. They are locked in on 16 stars based with the addition of feed efficiency markers that dam and sires carry, but these calves could rate up to 18 stars."

Turtlerock 6807 Lady N19

Turtlerock 6807 Lady N19

Dam of Turtlerock 10 Star Lady. Lady N19 is a DNA treasure in her own right with a total of 16 GeneStar stars. She is a great embryo producer with her last flush yeilding 20 EXT embryos. She is a big bodied 6807 daughter, who carries on the tradition of easy fleshing and early shedding."

Summitcrest Beauty 3L93

Summitcrest Beauty 3L93

Beauty 3L93 carries 16 GeneStar stars based on the current panels available. She is the dam of the prepotent $35,000 Summitcrest Sears Star Power, who is doing so well for Sears Angus in Nebraska. She is a model of size and fertility. We will have many embryo calves from her for sale and replacements. She has already been flushed to EXAR 263C, Hoff Limited Edition, and SVF Bandolier.

Landmark Jessica 5750

Landmark Jessica 5750

Top Ambush cow in the breed out of over 2500 in AHIR for yearling weight. Production so far: 3 WWR @ 109, 2 YWR @ 114. Jessica 5750 is a model female for both length and capacity. She also is a unique combination of fleshing and milking ability in the same package. Her first two calves were bulls and weaned off a 747# and 845# without creep. The 2nd, a Krugerrand son, sold to a group of So. Dakota cattlemen for $15,000. Embryos available.

PGA Jessica 28

PGA Jessica 28

Right sized- Right paper- Proven performance- Perfect Udder

The dam of some of the top ribeye and retail product calves in the entire breed. Jessica has a weaning ratio of 111 on 4 calves and a yearling ratio of 113 on 3. She has 2 daughters in production and their weaning ratio on 3 calves is 112. We will be linebreeding to this cow- placing her in as many slots in a pedigree as possible. She is the ultimate in phenotypical balance for what we seek. She will last a long time, have a major impact in our herd, and is worth a trip to see. Stay tuned for embryo production. We hope to flush her again this fall. Our bull selection for her might change but PAPA Equator and Forever of Wye are two that we are considering.

Daughter of 3188
ZZ Lucy 3188 91
daughter of

This National Junior Heifer Show reserve Senior Champion was the result of an embryo out of VDAR Lucy 3188, a cow that we owned and flushed.

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