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Great Bulls in our Program, Past and Present

SF Turtlerock RFI W124

SF Turtlerock RFI W124

Top of the breed feed efficiency with -7.92 RFI
4.76 ADG 14.4# DMI 3.02:1# feed conversion
See more information on this bull.

We think FEED EFFICIENCY will soon be looked at by all producers as one of the most important factors for beef production, terminal and breeding herds. We have added a copy of recent advertising we ran on this feed efficient bull, SF Turtlerock RFI W124, along with information on how we decided to say what we said. That information is found in R&D.

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Limited Edition

Hoff Limited Edition SC 594

Limited Edition's GeneStar testing gives him ratings of:

QG1-1, QG2-1, QG3-1, QG4-2
T1-2, T2-1, T3-1
FE1-1, FE2-2, FE3-2, FE4-1
His marker of 2 QG4 is one of the more rare markers to find, and he guarantees to give his progeny at lest one of the QG4 alleles. Very few cattle have a star in each marker category. He not only "covers" each marker, he appears to pass along his superior DNA to progeny at a very consistent higher than expected rate. His sons and grandsons are breed leaders.

Hoff Limited Edition SC 594 was added to the Turtle Rock program through the Hoff’s Scotch Cap complete dispersion. Limited Edition’s individual performance was BW- 90#, 205 day-776#, and YW- 1,430#. He had an IMF of 5.0% and REA of 14.5. Doug Hoff describes Limited Edition by saying: “Limited Edition could be the best bull ever produced at Scotch Cap Angus Ranch. His progeny excel in muscle, growth, soundness and fleshing ability. His daughters have beautiful udders and are our first to shed off in the spring. His sons are so powerful that many say he is like using another breed.” His progeny are showing the top GeneStar results in Australia, and he is the #1 bull in the UK for ribeye. His daughters were the highlight of the Hoff Dispersion sale. The top cow was a Limited Edition daughter who sold for over $100,000, and had been tested to have superior GeneStar results. We are excited to add him to our bull pen.

Semen $30 per straw.
AI certificates are $35

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Baros of Alcan Angus 40 73

Our Foundation straight Canadian herd sire. If you trace back almost every high rated GeneStar animal, you will find Baros present in the pedigree several times. Imported in 1980 for his capacity and girth, and great feet and leg structure. Pasture weight 2400#. Frame 6. Sired many important herd sires including Loma Lanes Cracker Jack 12J who founded the Oscar line of cattle through Baldridge Oscar. Baros 40 73 was a dominant sire throughout Canada in the 70's. Besides the $43,000 Crackerjack he sired other top selling calves in the Canadian Super Star and Cross Country sales. We shipped him at 14 years of age even though he was still able to breed.

The remaining semen we have on Baros of Alcan Angus 40 73 will be used in our herd and offered at select Semen Auctions, such as the National Western Fabulous Females sale held during the National Western Stock Show held in January each year.
Contact us to be placed on the list of people to be notified when his semen is put up for sale.

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Evaluation 454

This bull was calved in 1969. His yearling weight is 1440 with an ADG of 4.54. He is a Certified Meat Sire. "454" is the grandsire of the famous DF Empress 6079 cow, who is the dam of Ultra, Halfback, OSU Panama and others. He is only a 5 frame bull, but full of meat for those who need to keep your frame scores down.

He is in the maternal side of the pedigree of Ultravox and most recently shows in the cow side of the noted calving ease/performance bull S S Traveler T510 2T22. 454 is on the dam side of the 2T22 bull and our H&H Rito 0715 bull is on the sire side through S S Traveler 6807 T510. 2T22 appears to be gaining industry-wide acceptance.

454 semen is $40 per ampule.
Limited amount available.
Certificates @$35

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PGA Dimension 130

Calved 2/2/2002. Owned with Pure Genetics Angus and Pine Ridge Angus. Sired by 7127, one of the best ribeye bulls of the breed, and out of PGA Jessica 28, one of the top overall cows of the breed from our perspective. More about her in the Cow Power section of the website. Dimension has increased to a Ribeye EPD of +.99 and his final Retail Product EPD was +1.12% when his REA EPD was +.92.. There are only a handful of bulls that match this. He also holds a $EN, the EPD for cow efficiency of +4.68. Another example of being just right. We only had 2 Dimension bull calves in our Spring 2004 calf crop. We sent them both to Midland Bull Test. Against over 600 bulls from across the best herds in the nation, one of these calves had a 1385# yearling weight on a high roughage diet, and the biggest ribeye of all the Angus bulls.

Semen priced at $25 per straw- $25 per certificate

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PGA Porterhouse 1033

PGA Porterhouse 1033

Porterhouse was added to our herd based on his fantastic muscle expression and leg structure. Top that off with his dam being about a perfect 10 for a female, and we are very excited for what his future holds! He had a 17.5 inch ribeye at 13 months. His initial UREA EPD is +.80, but if the genetics work true to form, look for this to increase. His yearling scrotal measure was a fantastic 45 cm. Sired by Meatpacker, he will add thickness to progeny, and still have promise of some of the best maternal traits imaginable. We would welcome your visit to see Porterhouse calves and his dam to see what you think of them.

Semen available $25 per straw- $25 per certificate
Volume and commercial discounts available

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